Ilan Adar is a versatile autodidact artist, painter, sculptor, and photographer who combines
diverse materials with unique personal techniques developed over the years. His portfolio
consists of various formats, featuring both two and three-dimensional contemporary pieces.
Inspired by a variety of social and cultural issues, with his ability to delve deep into native and ancient cultures,                                                               his figurative art is both complex and diverse.
Born in the south of Israel in 1969, he spent his adolescence in Jerusalem, where he exhibited
his First works Titled ‘Ilan Adar’ at the age of fourteen years. Growing up, he used to paint Graffiti
Art on sidewalks and obtained his allowance by drawing portraits of passers-by in the streets
of Jerusalem. Ever since, Ilan has continued to paint, sculpt and create.
For many years he worked as a passionate set designer for the Israeli Nation TV, including
his own art Show ‘Art Attack,’ where he displayed his exceptional talents and creative
techniques. In 1996 he was teaching Art at municipality center ‘Beit Tami,’ Tel Aviv, Israel,
and in the years to come he travelled around the world, including a stop of several years in
Spain, studying new techniques and developing his work. Ilan is a natural illustrator as well
as an interior architectural designer; designing many residences, bars, clubs, fashion
boutiques, and offices all over Israel and abroad.
Since 2010, he has been concentrating on his art at his studio located in the heart of Jaffa. Ilan
Adar's works can be found in galleries, private collections and homes  all across
the globe..